Group travel organisation

If you are looking to go away as a group of people then there may be a bit more organising involved than if you are going to travel alone. If you are going as a family, it may be that one or both of the parents /carers have to not only organise their own packing and documents etc but also their children’s. If you are going with a group of friends or colleagues then you will probably be meeting up before you set off on your travel. Some people decide to meet at the airport whilst others tend to travel together. If you are meeting up, then be sure to allow plenty of time for people being late etc, to ensure you still all get to your destination on time. Should one party member be late or not have the correct documents i.e. passport, you will need to quickly decide what the rest of the group should do. It may be that one of you stays behind, but be sure to check if you can transfer your flight to a later one and how much it will cost to do so.