Having to relocate for work

Depending on what job role and career you have, you may be asked if you will travel or even relocate for work. This may be to a nearby branch, meaning it will not affect your personal circumstances too much or it could be in another country.

When having to relocate for work, you might worry about how you will adapt to life in a new country, but often it is easier when moving with your job than just up and moving for another reason.

Moving to a new country can be a big upheaval but when moving with work, they will usually arrange to move all of your belongings for you. They may even offer you accommodation (paid for) along with your new job role.

If you have any concerns about relocating for a job then be sure to talk it all through with your current employer. Your travel arrangements will usually be made by your employer but be sure that you have all the documents such as a valid passport in place.