Rediscover Spain

Spain has long been the perennial favourite for British holiday makers. Popular for its sun, sea and sangria, many holiday goers are satisfied with staying by the pool in catered hotels, sipping on drinks and soaking up the Mediterranean sunshine. Nothing wrong with that, sure, but there is much more to Spain than the holiday resorts of the southern coast.

Spain is a rich and varied culture, mixing the recognisable influences of the Mediterranean with the more exotic Moorish influence from the countries turbulent history. Food is a real star of Spanish culture, with the famous Tapas offering some of the most exciting flavours in the world and the small portion sizes make it perfect for sampling with a glass or two of sparkling cava. Some of the world’s most exciting architecture can be found in Barcelona, where the astonishing works of Antoni Gaudi can be found, including the still unfinished La Sagranda Familla.