Travelling to Iraq as a solider

Iraq is only 8500 miles away from the UK but it can take a solider 24 hours in total to get there. After speaking to one solider he told us about his own experience in going to Iraq during the war. This was because they had to stop off in Germany to pick up more troops which took four hours. After the stop in Germany they travelled to Cyrus which added a flight of another four and a half hours. Once in Cyprus they had another four hour wait while the plane windscreen was replaced after it shattered during the previous flight.

From Cyrus they flew to Camp Coyote in Kuwait where the base was formed in the 1st gulf war. It was then a two and a half hour journey in the back of a Bedford to get to Umm Qasr which is a port in southern Iraq and once there they had to protect the ships in the port. They had not time to recover from the travel and found that they were sleeping in hangers.