How to have a cheap holiday

Everyone likes a holiday, a chance to get away from your normal daily life and relax with your loved ones. Holidays can be very expensive, especially if you are wanting to go abroad. The good news is you can have a cheap holiday, no it may not be sunning it up in a far away land but even holidays that are not too far away from home can be enjoyable for all.

Camping is by far the cheapest holiday you can have. If you have a tent or can borrow one off a family member or friend, then you can find sites that cost less than ten pounds per night for the whole family.

When booking a campsite, do some research and find out what facilities are on the site and what is nearby. If you are not bothered about going to the sea side then you can get some fantastic sites in the middle of the country which are surrounded with fantastic walks.

If you don’t fancy the idea of camping then you could try glamping, this is quite a bit more expensive but still often cheaper than a holiday in a hotel.