How to Travel as Ethically as Possible

Travelling and going on holiday is a wonderful experience. It is something that most people look forward to, giving them an escape from their everyday lives. It can sometimes be difficult to travel ethically though, especially when in an unfamiliar destination. Here are some tips:

  • Stay in environmentally-friendly accommodation. This is now available all over the world and you should have plenty of options. You won’t even necessarily have to skimp on the luxuries – but you will know that your lovely warm swimming pool or hot tub is heated using solar panels, not fossil fuels.
  • Organise tours with local people. This will help local families to make a living rather than lining of pockets of foreign businesspeople. It also helps to protect nature and wildlife spots by giving people a way to make a living from them.
  • If you volunteer, organise it directly. Rather than using an agency, book with the place where you are volunteering. This way, you know all your money is going directly to them, rather than somebody making a profit.