Studying abroad

If you are choosing to study abroad you may feel a number of different emotions. Some people feel very excited and the thought of living in a new country doesn’t faze them but for others, it can be a massive… (READ MORE)


Volunteering in Africa

Africa is a fascinating country. It varies vastly from location to location and is a popular destination for students looking to do voluntary work during a gap year. Many companies offer students volunteering jobs with little or no experience and… (READ MORE)


A trip down under

Australia (also referred to as “down under”) is a very popular holiday destination for many people in the UK. Australia has so much to offer that there really is something for everyone. With its golden sandy beaches, fantastic surfing conditions,… (READ MORE)


Holidays to Rome

Rome is the capital of Italy and is a beautiful place to visit for a holiday. With over 2000 years of history it really is a place of magnificence and one that offers something for everyone. The city has recently… (READ MORE)


Rediscover Spain

Spain has long been the perennial favourite for British holiday makers. Popular for its sun, sea and sangria, many holiday goers are satisfied with staying by the pool in catered hotels, sipping on drinks and soaking up the Mediterranean sunshine…. (READ MORE)